Tomorrow’s music publisher

What is the role of a music publisher in tomorrow’s environment for art music? In a one-day seminar and workshop we aim to imagine and develop new perspectives on how a future publisher for time-based art could engage in and contribute to the field.

The composers of this year’s NMD festival work in a broad range of time based formats such as performance, sound art, dance, theatre or film, either combined with or replacing the musical score. What kind of competences is needed to support such artistic expressions? How could a publisher approach a broader range of time-based art, facilitate its production and contribute to it being realised, performed and discussed in public?

As such questions transcend a national perspective, we believe they could be fruitfully discussed in a Nordic context.

Following four introductions to the theme by practitioners in the field, we will invite participants to form groups, discuss a set of specific questions and develop ideas for a future publishing house of time based art.



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